AGE: 18 Years Old
HOMETOWN: Paradise California
Coming to us from the aptly named Paradise California we have 18 year old Meghan, a self described ‘nature lover’. If those two words immediately bring up images of hairy arm pits and legs, old wooden sandals and hemp clothing then let me put your mind at ease. “I started shaving my bikini area when I was 13” says Meghan “Because I did not like little stray hairs poking out when I went to the lake” sharing a concern a lot of young ladies have, she went on to explain “But a few years later a boyfriend put his hands down my shorts and when he felt how smooth I was down there he made a mess right in his pants. I have kept it shaved ever since, even in the winter!” We are glad this petite cutie keeps things tidy and her perky little b-cups make our collective mouths water. SEE MORE >>

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